School Selection

In the Plano/Dallas community, there are many choices for schools and daycares. In order to make a selection, parents first must determine if they are looking for a school or merely childcare. If education is a priority, then they must decide the type of education they want for their child. Montessori vs. traditional education is one key choice. Parents also need to think about whether they want a large institution or a smaller more home-like environment. And, most importantly, parents need to be sure that the school they select has an excellent safety record and satisfied parents and students.

If you are not familiar with Montessori, there are numerous information sources available.  We have listed some of them in the Montessori Resources section under the Montessori Method tab on this website.  You may have friends or family members who have now, or previously had, a child in a Montessori school.  This can be a good source of information, but remember that not all Montessori schools are alike, so experiences may be different at different schools.  The ideal way to really develop an understanding of how a Montessori classroom works and the benefits of a Montessori education is to visit a school and observe a classroom.

Information about the safety record of a school is available on the Texas Department Family Service Child Care Licensing website  –  Of course, inspections don’t always tell the whole story, so visit schools in which you are interested, ask questions, and talk with the parents of current students.